Saturday, October 6, 2007

Magellan "bimbi" Perez - Promising MMA Star?

For those of you who watched Magellan" bimbi" Perez methodical destruction of Deo "bolo" Anacio of strikes and submissions during URCC X at the fort, you would've noticed that the man has a swagger and confidence that exceeds his lanky frame.

For the uninititaed "bimbi" is an accomplished boxer at the elorde stable. He also trains Navy Seals in hand to hand combat. Bimbi stands around 5'9 and his fighting weight is at about 139-145 lbs. Seeing bimbi go up against the squat, powerfully built Anacio in URCC X you would've thought that bimbi was 20 lbs. heavier - he threw anacio around like a rag doll, almost like a dog with a rat in his mouth.

Bimbi eventually made short work of Anacio in the first round. He had perfect balance and timing in stand-up mode. He proved deadly flat on the mat too.

Last month we had the pleasure of seeing Bimbi go up against one of URCC's KO artists and way of the champions veteran Charlie Angel, The match held in cebu was the marquee match-up of the night. Bimbi squared of with Angel at around 11:00 p.m. in the jam packed arena.

Bimbi lead with a left jab that set-up his right. This was all he did the whole fight. that is all he had to do. Charlie Angel's face was a mess after the bout. In fact the delivery of the one-two punch by "bimbi" was almost montonous. Angel was being fed a steady diet of this basic combination by perez and he ( perez) was handily on his way to a route when Angel, delivered a roundhouse to Perez's groin.

It was a total let-down as this match was shaping up to be a real classic. Ref Anthony Penalosa had to call it quits and gave Bimbi the nod.

Despite the let-down it was still an eye-opener for those who watched the match, Bimbi had the class and cool plus all the tools to demolish angel. Many observers believe Magellan "bimbi" perez will go a very long way with his polished boxing skills in the URCC.

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