Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Camacho X Baduria

The Fight is on! Frank 'the crank" Camacho Saipan's Trenchtech warrior and victor over Fritz Rodriguez of Gracie Barra will be back in town this November 25, 2007 at the esplanade ( sm mall of asia) Camacho is remembered by fight fans for his quick disposal of then unbeaten light-heavy champ Fritz Rodriguez.

Camacho will once again grace local mma's shores with his explosive presence. This time he's taking on the "bad boy" Caloy Baduria of Elorde MMA. Caloy's last outing saw him body-punch Bakabakan intl's Philip Yeung. Many feel that this is an interesting match-up. Frank Camacho is a lot thicker and bigger than Yeung although Baduria's build has always been on the heavy side, it remains to be seen if Caloy can get away with what he does in the ring against strikers with a wrestler like Camacho.Frank is big and fast, although we have'nt really seen him tested against rough and tumble brawlers like Baduria.

Baduria likes to exchange blows, he can take as good as he gives. Camacho is an accomplished wrestler, and although we saw him beat fritz into a ref stoppage, we dont know if Baduria will let himself be caught in the same position.

We cant wait to see "the crank" back in action!

The URCC is heating up the "ber out for other developments! see you fans in November..

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