Sunday, July 8, 2007

The "Terminator' Breaks the Jinx

Red Corner's Lino " The Terminator " Tagacay , Has Broken ( somewhat) the URCC jinx that has cursed local MMA fighters since URCC 9 "The Art Of War" where the Filipinos got schooled big-time by The Chinese MMA squad and then by the young gun from Saipan Frank"the Crank" Camacho.

Tagacay pounded an over-matched but game Taku Nishimura for two rounds , the referee stopping the bout in the second round. Lino won via RSC. The first round saw tagacay connecting with a lot of solid blows in ( Tagacay's) favored position-upright. Then , Nishimura worked him to the ground and tried to apply some leg-locks, strangely Lino played into the defensive strategy of Nishimura, forgetting that he ( Tagacay) was demolishing Nishimura in the Bi-pedal mode.

After the one minute interval between rounds, Tagacay finally came to his senses and opted to switch back to the tactic that was working for him in the first 30 seconds of the fight - staying vertical and beating the crap out of Taku till the ref called a halt to the action in the early moments of the 2nd round.

Observers agree that Tagacay, for now, has administered a balm on the open wounds left by the "visiting forces" of China and Saipan. However it seems that the natives are clamoring for a more "sweeping and convincing" victory over foreign competition. This is a challenge for all local fight clubs regardless of style creed and affiliation.

On a side note our Japanese guest was one of the evenings most flamboyant fighter - giving the crowd a fantastic entrance number , sliding off the ramp and dancing to some nippon-pop song that won him a lot of fans from the audience.

Nishimura brought with him not only goodwill and a "just-glad-to-be-here-attitude" he also had in tow what seemed to be the whole Nishimura clan, It looked like everyone from grandpa and grandma Nishimura was there to witness Taku's pre-fight antics and unfortunatley his demise at the hands of Tagacay.

Whatever the result was - Taku won a lot of hearts for his guts and his can-do attitude displayed at the NBC tent. We hope to welcome him back soon.

Domo Arigato Nishimura San!!!

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