Friday, October 26, 2007

Mandrill versus Nightwolf

It sounds more like a match-up between two marvel comics characters, but don't say that to Fritz "The Mandrill" Rodriguez or to Reza " Nightwolf" Jabarri or they just might stuff your comic collection where the sun don't shine. Rodriguez and Jabarri both have some lost luster to regain.

Rodriguez spectacularly lost against a younger and faster brawler in Frank the Crank Camacho in URCC 9 , one of the fastest stoppages in a championship bout, only superceded by Lakay wushu's Mark Sangiao's armbar of Steven Ramos inURCC 7

Jabbari, after winning via KO in URCC 10 lost in an MMA bout in Temple bar in makati a month ago. He was rocked solid by Gino Cruz in the second round forcing the ref to stop the match. Honestly the "Mandrill" has much more MMA pedigree then " Nightwolf" , Rodriguez stopped the much vaunted "pasukuan express" Richie Lazaro with relative ease in URCC 3, and has won numerous jiujitsu tourneys here and abroad.

Jabarri is a relative newcomer , at least to the local MMA scene, trained by Yawyan's Henry Kobayashi ( who's on a roll of sorts after most of his fighters won in URCC 10 and University challenge) Jabarri won his last fight with a glancing knee to the face of his opponent, and showed us some bruce lee vintage side-kicks, apart from that he really didnt impress that evening.

The smart money is on the "Mandrill" - Rodriguez's skills are too polished for the "nightwolf" Jabarri would need to be on his best form to beat Gracie Barra's protege..and even then it would have to be in the "nightwolfs" Hunting grounds and not in the "mandrills" Jungle.

The two warriors clash on November 25, 2007 sunday at One Esplanade 7 pm

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