Wednesday, November 4, 2009

URCC 15 ONSLAUGHT - Three to watch out for

ONSLAUGHT - Three rising URCC stars to watch

If i were a betting man i woud lay my cash on these three new
"stars" of the URCC - without further adieu here they are
1.Hideo Morikawa - kyokushinkai
(is karate making a come back?)
solid, striking skills, stoic and impervious to pain - he will be squaring off against Ramonito Pabroa from d'elements gym on the 21st of novmebre at the WTC

2. Sabah Fadai - another persian fighting out of the philippines, based in cebu-he outfought, outwitted, and out-gunned andrew benibe with ease in the last URCC in cebu
knows how to use his 5,9 frame and wins battles from the outside

3. Jlimar Tanagayan - what can we say about this guy? carved up current bantamweight champion kevin belingon in their BTB fight last month, almost winning an epic, epic, battle

the man from davao has got it all, side-kicks, knee strikes, punching skills, take-downs, a serious threat to the lakay dominance in the URCC - Tangayan will bring serious leather and excitemet to philippine MMA

november 21 WTC urcc 15 onslaught
p.s URCC just hooked up with globe - you can now pay for your tickets via Gcash visit for more info

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