Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Black Tie Brawl in new world - belingon escapes upset, Manguray destroys jabarri!

It was an evening of well heeled fight afficionados, dressed to the nines and screaming for blood. The 2nd installment of Rogue magazine's black tie brawl was another rousing success - notavble fights were those of angwelito"el santo manguray a 43 year old dentist from davao who's legend is apparently well deserved. The davaoeno with a classic karate stance, demolished Jabarri in the first round with two well placed powerful punches.

Referee joel yaptinchay was forced to stop the fight when Jabarri's euyes rolled into their sockets, This prompted the crowd to go wild with "el santo's" win

In The main event Belingon vs Jilmar Tangayan was a show stopper! belingon the heavy favorite ran into a tough-as-nails tangayan, although kevin landed the devestating kicks lakay is know for ( and subsequently knocked down tangayan in the first) tamngayan got up from the KD and in the 2nd round rocked belingon with knee strikes and dominated the whole 2nd round, it looked like the davao fighter would stage a huge upset

Due t0 a draw - a third round was called ( much to the delight of the fans) this rtound was actionpacked but even, the judges gave thier decsiion to belingon. Thus setting the stage for a BAguio-davao show down in future urcc's

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