Sunday, November 16, 2008

UFC 91: Lesnar handles Couture

Woke up at 10:30 Sunday morning from a dizzying night at the Cebu International Convention Center where we covered the URCC CEBU Nemesis and found myself glued to the UFC 91 Lesnar - Couture heavyweight matchup.

You'd think I've had enough MMA for a weekend, but this fight was just too compelling to miss. Randy Couture, the evergreen fighter, who at 45 looked just as capable as his younger, much, much, bigger opponent Brock Lesnar

The fight was surprising in the sense that Couture, the ever-cerebral fighter , tied up and befuddled the monster Lesnar- even opening up a cut on Lesnar in one exchange.

I really thought that Couture could fulfill this fantasy - but it was obvious Lesnar's size was just too much.

The punch that took Couture to the ground just barely touched him. It seemed from my angle that it wasn't even the knuckles of Lesnar that grazed him but the middle digits - that was enough to win the night for the ex-wrestler, NFL wannabe.

Brock Lesnar officially won via TKO at 3:07 of Round 2 to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

I look forward to UFC 92 wherein the winner between Antonio Nogueira and Frank Mir will face Lesnar to determine the undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion.

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