Monday, November 17, 2008

Tagacay Terminates The "Prince's" Reign

The crown prince of mixed martial arts in cebu carry bullos was soundly defeated by manila stalwart Lino 'the termninator' Tagacay - tagacay sporting a record of 5-3-0 (WLD) and coming off from a well fought loss over justin cruz of guam, man-handled the prince in the first minute of the first round, a viscious body shot followed by an explosive right to bullos's jaw sent the cebuano to the corner where tagacay manouvered expertly and got the rear position where he effficiently delivered the coup de grace ( or should we say a coup de gracie?) a rear naked choke.

The partisan crowd, believing that bullos had the technical skills to beat the older grizzeld veterean tagacay, was stunned into silence and disbelief at how easy it was for the older fighter to dispatch the young turk of visayan MMA.

The result was a career - extender for lino tagacay and a wake -up call for the visayan MMa fighter, Faced with quality opposition the "Prince" still needs a few more quality fights in his resume before he can be competitive with the likes of Tagacay, Belingon, Perez, and the other powers in the bantamweight division.

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