Monday, August 4, 2008

Beijing Olympics Wushu - RP Bets Favored

Four more Filipino bets will be competing in the Beijing Games this week.

The special sport of wushu will see world and Asian champion Willy Wang, plus four top-drawer wushu artists join the 15 strong Philippine delegation to compete in this discipline included in this year’s Olympiad as a special sport.

Wang, Benjie Rivera, Mary Jane Estimar and Marian Mariano have been training in different parts of China since February, according to their coach, former world champion Lester Pimentel.

The same players led Philippine champion teams in the Southeast Asian Games as well as contending teams in the Asian Games.

They are competing and training in China under a Chinese coach and will go straight to Beijing when the Olympics begin, added Pimentel.

Wushu president Julian Camacho said wushu won’t be a demonstration event, but just like it, the medals won in the sport won’t register in the official tally.

Pimentel, the 1995 world champion, said he is confident all of them will come home with medals.

Wang is entered in nanquan or forms, where he snagged a gold in the World championships last November in Beijing. Rivera, Estimar and Mariano will fight in the sanshou or combat events.

Lets Cheer On Our Wushu Team!!

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