Sunday, July 6, 2008


They came, they saw, they had a fight plan. Kevin Belingon and Eduard Folayang knew exactly what to do with the competition-Take em to the ground and make em stay there. Both lakay wushu fighters dismantled their opposition mainly the Elorde mma fighters, Bimbi Perez and Caloy Baduria.

Belingon succesfully defended his flyweight title against Perez - an up and coming mma fighter from Elorde, Belingon thwarted perez's stand up game with huge kicks to the thigh, and pushed the taller fighters advances away with side kicks, thus nullifying Perez's height advantage, finally the fight went to the ground and Belingon got the rear naked choke in 4:21 of the first round - Belingon defends his flyweight championship for the second time in a row.

It was a landslide victory for Eduard "the landslide " Folayang against the "bad boy" of mma Caloy Baduria. Referee Anthony Penalosa stopped the fight in under 3;00 of the first round as Folayang had the mount and rained blow after blow. Caloy could not mount his much vaunted body blows against Folayang. Instead baduria found himself in a position that he is not too comfortable with- - laid out on the mat with 165 lbs of pure benguet muscle on top of him. Folayangs tactics were devestatingly simple, take caloy to the ground and make him pay.
and caloy paid through the nose - he accepeted at least eight solid punches to the head and the ref had call it a night - the new superfight champion lakay wushu's Eduard "the Landslide" Folayang

In the Bantamweight title fight Justin "the shocker" Cruz lived up to his monicker and shocked Tagacay once again to win the Banatmweight championship belt in an epic battle with both fighters totally gassed out. Cruz, from fokai guam, found that little extra to apply a "tiny"leg lock on Tagacay for the win. Early in the first round cruz managed to re-open a cut that tagacay had suffered in a training accident just days before. Justin Cruz was trying to get tagacay on the mat , but tagacay would not have any of it, time and time again "the terminator" thwarted "the shockers" attempts to bring it to the ground. Tagacay a born slugger, did his best work standing up and pounding on Cruz, late in the first round it was clear that both fighters had nothing left in the tank.

The second round saw more of cruz on his knees trying to take tagacay down, Tagacay landed heavy uppercuts on cruz and it looked like the boy from guam was ready to fade, and then sometime in the middle of the round both found themselves in the center of the ring tied up, it wasnt a takedown form any fighter they just simply both collapsed from exhaustion. As fate would have it Tagacay's leg was in a perfect position for cruz to apply a leg lock - when opportunity knocks - you blow the door wide open - Cruz took the gift and cranked the leg. Tagacay taps out in 3;43 of the second round - Justin Cruz wins the bantamweight championship in fairy tale fashion - and the crowd goes wild!!! the boy from guam has followed in the foot steps of frank camacho and won the hearts of the local crowd for his gritty showing.

In the other fights a standing room only crowd witnessed Cary "the Prince" Bullos defeat arnel arancina via strikes in the first round. "the prince" looked impressivce once again as he ups his record to 3-0-0 . "the iranian" Jabarri was rocked all night long by panchito 'sugar ray" estrada but found his meter and turned the fight around to own the elorde fighter in 4;21 of the first round.

Earl " the beast" Uy Knocked out Dennis Valmores - Valmores looked like he had been hit by a truck after he got mugged. His face was so swollen by the "beasts" powerful shots.

All in all the event was another spectacular evening of mma. The URCC team of Bubbles Aguilar, Alvin Aguilar, Irwin Tieng, Jed Dario and Franz von Muhlfeld were mercurial in mounting the wildly succesful franchise. Colt 45 must be pleased with the turn out as the a.venue venue was packed to the rafters and people were slurring because of the premium strong beer.

Special thanks for a perfect event goes out to the salao brothers, johnar salao, jeboy salao, jay salao, - writer russel tanag salao, direk juno, arnold cao, and all the others who make the URCC the Philippines premiere MMA event.


danjelo said...

what was the result of the fight between jerry legaspi and dominic so

jerry said...

jerry legaspi won via rear naked choke