Monday, June 28, 2010

Belingon wins in legend fc

UNIVERSAL Reality Combat Championship flyweight champion Kevin Belingon remained unbeaten in his mixed martial arts career winning his second international fight in Hong Kong Thursday evening.

Belingon stopped Korean Jo Nam Jin in the Legend Fighting Championship 2 at Hitec's Star Hall witnessed by a crowd of 1,500 roaring their approval as Australian-Chinese hero Adrian "The Hunter" Pang (32) triumphed over Korea’s Yu Woo Sung (28) for the lightweight championship.

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It was the second fight for Belingon in the international MMA scene after winning in ESPN’s Martial Combat by defeating Ngoo Ditty of Thailand via a TKO in the first round last month. He improved his record to 7-0.

The pair was well matched, with the Filipino determined to maintain his perfect score card of wins, and the Korean holding his own against the onslaught. The encounter went the full three rounds, with judges unanimously awarding the win to Belingon.

Belingon later went on to take the fight of the night plum for the tournament adding another feather to Team Lakay’s dominance in the octagon.

Legend Fighting Championship is Hong Kong’s first professional mixed martial arts competition.

The competition pits top professional martial artists from throughout China and the Asia-Pacific region to compete in a freestyle tournament using interdisciplinary martial arts skills including sanda, wushu, jiujitsu, muay thai, boxing, and wrestling in supervised matches under a strict set of rules designed to promote athlete safety.

Legend is committed to promoting the sport of mixed martial arts in Hong Kong, to supporting and cultivating its athletes, and providing exceptional entertainment to a broad audience.

Belingon, including Pang and Sung was joined by MMA stars from Hong Kong, China, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and Mongolia. Victorious Legend 1 veterans Kwon A Sol (Korea), Takuma Wakabayashi (Japan), and Jo Nam Jin (Korea) return to take on new challengers, and a group of exciting new contenders will make their Legend debuts.

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