Sunday, July 19, 2009

Folayang and Baduria win in URCC 14

Caloy baduria weathered reman lazaro's take downs to pull-out a gritty win on the mat last july 18 2009 at a.venue events hall at agression" urcc 14. Lazaro, a cubam mma fighter from florida, coached by henry kobayashi of yawyan, came out with a great game plan

take caloy to the mat and keep him there. caloy would not have any of it and magaged to wear down the cuban with punches to the ribs whilst on the ground.

The cuban sooned succumbed to badurias punches and the fight was halted at around 8 minutes of the first round. Lazaro had to be stretechered and had an oxygen tank attached to his face for the next half hour

FOlayang suffereda headbutt in the late minutes of the second round against spike22's aj aguono, causing folayang to bleed profusely. however folayang had already mastered aguono with strikes and heavy kicks to the inside and outside of the thigh..

also dominating aguono in the takedowns and sweeps department , folayang landd a good number of shots to the head, which aguono weathere like a true tough islander. Folayang at the end of the match got a unanimous decision for his performance

It was a sell-out crowd for the URCC producers -over 2000 were in attendance

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