Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The blood and beer stained mat said it all. This was the event that put visayan MMA n the map. Renalu lao, together with jed dario and franz von muhlfeld put on a raucous event at CICC in cebu last june 20 2009. The MMA event featured 10 bouts of non-stop action

The blood stained ring a testament to the ferocity of the strikes involved that evening. blood pouring out of eyes, ears noses and mouths was a testimony to the raw action on display

In the undercard we saw sabah fadai of persia winning a very technical fight over maic's gym proponent andrew benibe. Benibe just could not close the range and deftac cebu's fadai skillfully won the match with high flying kicks and precision jabs

The main event -engi piloto the toughest cmpetitor from cebu, faced bagio's lakay wushu's dreaded Mark ediva, Ediva needed only a few seconds into the match to stamp his authority, taking away piloto's legs with a vicous side roundhouse to the shin that left piloto sprawlng on the mat..

a few minutes later ediva got the mount and pummeled pilotos face into a swollen mass of flesh and bone. The match mercifully was halted by returning URCC referee Joel yaptinchay

all in all the event was one of the best cards we have seen form the boys of the urcc more reports to fllow in the next few days

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