Monday, November 24, 2008


The Bad News Is Caloy Baduria Lost to Zhang Tie Quan " the mongolian wolf" The Good News is Kevin Belingon Dominated Justin "the Shocker " Cruz - In a Nutshell That is what happened last saturday evening Nov 22 2008.


In the Bout between caloy and zhang , Caloy looked up to the task- and with home ground favoring "The Bad Boy" the Mongolian Wolf from China looked just a bit vulnerable. Caloy obviously exposed by Folayang in his last match as an mma fighter with no real ground skills - wanted the fight on two legs, but the mongolian would not comply and they both landed on the mat struggling for position .

Caloy wanted up and out - zhang wanted to keep it on the mat. Caloy was able to extricate himself from the ground position and waved zhang to come up for air , they went at it - caloy almost landed his haymaker, they clinched and zhang got the guillotine in 3;25 of the first round. China 4 - Philippines- 0


Justin cruz is popular in manila. He won the hearts of the crowd after his gritty performance against lino "the terminator" tagacay. However the odds were against him against Belingon of lakay wushu, The guam fighter just had no answer to the horrific kicks of the benguet brawler.

Cruz was fed a steady diet of viscious kicks aimed at his lead leg. It was a stick-and-run strategy masterfully employed by "the silencer". side kick, plant foot, round house to the thigh, recover , sprint to the corner. Rinse and repeat. Same strategy he used to beat bimbi perez.

Cruz did get in a few licks of his own he got some knee strikes in and brought belingon to the ground. But you just cant keep a good man down- belingon proved that time and time again - slipping in and out of cruz's clutches like an eel.

Belingon scored a great knockdown with a straight , but tough as nails cruz shook it off and went back to work. In the end it was belingon's strategy and how he effectively employed it that won hom the UD.

We hope to see more guam fighters int he URCC. We hope to see more of Justinn and his ilk. Both fighters put on a tremendous show.

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