Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ghana Upsets Philippines - Tanamor Bows Out Of Olympics

Not event past the round of 32 was the best the Philippnes could do. Tanamor a 7-1 fave for the gold lost to 100-1 darkhorse Plange. 6-3 was the final score, with most of the scoring being done in the first two rounds. The Ghananians defence was almost impregnable as Tanamor could only land on the forearms. It seems though that a lot of Tanamor's blows to the body were not counted by the referees.

The Philppine olympic boxing results with Tanamor result was very disappointing.
was Tanamor's defeat controversial? - aska ABAP and anwhour chowdry - these guys have been known to cheat in amateur / olympic boxing

Harry Tanamor - loses his first bout in the beijing olympics

This brings the quest for Olympic gold in boxing for the Philippines to an end in Beijing.

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