Sunday, June 8, 2008


Three championship belts are at stake at the 12th URCC ( Universal Reality Combat
Championship) tournament here in Manila, Philippines on Saturday July 5th 2008
At the A.venue events hall on Makati avenue .

Dubbed “supremacy” URCC 12 Features a Polished MMA fighter Bimbi Perez from Elorde MMA who will shoot for Lakay Wushu’s Flyweight Crown held by Kevin Belingon. Belingon a Wushu – Sanshou stylist from Benguet won the belt via decision off of “the dancing Devil” Richard Lasprilla ofDeftac Jiujiistu.

Many MMA fans and Observers feel that this bout will stretch both the skills of each
Fighter, Belingon seems to be the better conditioned of the two and has the advantage of
training in high-altitude, However Magellan”bimbi” Perez has the reach and the hand
skills in his favor. This Promises to be a classic match-up no one will want to miss.

Still smarting from that 1st round loss in The Ring Of Fire “ event last December 07 Lino
Tagacay – “The Terminator” seeks vengeance over Guam’s Justin Cruz.
Cruz, ‘s quickness and agility was just too much for Tagacay the last time they met. Cruz
pulled in an arm-bar and made Tagacay tap-out in front of the home crowd.
The Philippine army veteran is looking to redeem himself and has stepped up his training
to make sure Cruz goes home without the URCC Bantamweight Crown.

Its “the Bad boy” versus the” Landslide” in the second URCC superfight and main event.
Elorde MMA’s brightest brawler Caloy Baduria will fight another Lakay stalwart Eduard

Baduria is still the hot favorite for this match –up , no-one has found a way to counter
Caloy’s vicious body attacks, it’s been the same winning formula over and over again for
Caloy ..go for the body and then the Jaw. Goodnight. This is what Frank Camacho got a
taste of in that epic battle in Esplanade. Although Visibly shaken and bruised byCamacho’s superb kicks and combos to the head Caloy stuck to the game plan and fed
Camacho’s ribs a steady diet of right and left knuckle sandwiches. Then Boom! a left to
the Jaw and it was lights out. This will probably be the script Caloy has written for Folayang too.

In terms of size Folayang and Baduria are probably equal, It is Folayang’s conditioning
that many believe he must rely on to win this one with Baduria. Caloy’s fitness past the
first round has never really been tested, so part of the game plan must be to tie-up baduria
in the first round and take him in the second when he’s not too bright –eyed and bushy
tailed. And of course if Folayang’s ground game is a s good as Allan Co’s ( who handed
Caloys only defeat) it would be wise for Folayang to take caloy to the ground early and go
for a choke or an arm-bar.

All in All this fight is one that will really reveal the true champion, MMA fans want to see caloy go up against someone who can last more than around, many believe this could be Folayang. If the “Landslide” weathers Caloy's brutal first round game , Folayang could be the new superfight champion of the URCC.

A total of 10 matches plus the superfight will complete the card for the July 5th event,
Plus the hit group Urban Dub will be performing their hits and walk-in music Live!!!
Tickets are available at selected national bookstore branches and selected Robinsons
Department stores as well as ayala malls and the ticketworld office – 891-99-99
Or visit the ticketworld website and
For more details.

URCC XII “Supremacy” is brought to you by Pony, No Fear, Yoshinoya
and E-Games
With the participation of Absolute ZRO, Optimum Nutrition, Chris Sports, Bulls and
Windy Gloves. Media Partners, Solar Sports , Jack TV. Special thanks to Punchout Gym.
Do Not Miss out on the MMA event of the year! Bakbakan na!!!


Jimbo said...

cool. how many hybrid yawyan fighters are going to be in the card? certainly looking forward to watching this event. just hope the ticket prices will not be that expensive. keep it up.

smithy said...

ticket prices are from
350 - 800 - 1300