Friday, April 11, 2008

More Guam MMA Fighters In URCC?

Justin "The Shocker" Cruz just received an invitation to compete for the URCC Bantamweight title on May 31 in the Philippines. Justin Cruz who beat Lino “The Terminator” Tagacay in Manila at the Araneta last Dec 9 2007 in the Ring of Fire presented by Platinum Productions

Justin’s opponent has yet to be divulged…meanwhile it looks as if the Guam – Philippines rivalry is heating up, as yet another outfit in Guam expressed interest in four URCC fighters to compete in guam sometime this year – “ The offer is serious and the clamor for Filipino fighters on the island is strong as Caloy Baduria beat their superstar,( Frank Camacho) we expect to see more challenges from our neighbors in the pacific in the near future.” Franz von Muhlfeld one of the executive producers of URCC was quoted in an interview last month

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