Monday, December 10, 2007


Thanks to producers Alvin Aguilar, Jed Dario, Bubbles Aguilar, and Franz von Muhlfeld we were able to watch platinum fighting productions "RING OF FIRE" leg here in Manila. Seeing Shamrock, Gracie, Rodriguez and Babalu in person was a real thrill. The fans in Araneta were about 2,000 -3,000 strong , and were all excited to see the fighters and their legendary UFC coaches.

We missed the first two fights, we saw Yuki Kondo in action -he was pretty good. Truth be told we ( and a lot of pinoy fans) went to Araneta to see Rico Rodriguez fight. When Rodriguez appeared on stage for his fight with some big black dude ( who was pretty good too..) the fans chanted Rico's name like he was a pinoy fighter or something...Rico kicked ass. He leg kicked his opponent into submission. The crowd went crazy and when Rico saluted the crowd they went wild.

So after the fight we went back stage for a smoke. This big guy walked up to us and asked for a cigarette. It was Rico Rodriguez. We got to talk about his fight, where he was from ( NY - but he's Puerto Rican) and of course how manila was treating him.

His face broke into a big smile and he said "Man the don't get this anywhere..." and i never realized i had some fans here! - He went on to ask if this was where Ali and Frazier fought, - Yes this is the place. and he broke out into another big smile and said "man , the history.." did they (araneta) ever renovate? - Nope not an inch. - "man..." Then he went back to his dressing room after he took a final drag from his cigarette.

That was pretty cool. Thank you URCC.

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