Monday, November 26, 2007

URCC XI - redemption Indeed

For once the producers of URCC got the title right. Alvin aguilar, Bubbles Aguilar, Irwin Tieng, Jed Dario and Franz von Muhlfeld - MMA producers turned prophets cranked out a very memorable evening of mayhem. It was URCC's fifth year anniversary and the URCC was celebrating in style.

The venue (one esplanade) was a tad small but what it lacked in size it more than made up for it in sheer spectacle. The evening saw a total of eleven matches, none of them went past the first round.

The " Prince " Cebu's MMA stalwart Carry Bullos set the tone by knocking out Freddie Magada in the first two minutes of the fight - a beautiful round house kick to the jaw sent Magada to the canvas - and just to make sure Magada would not recover Bullos followed up with two rights - prompting the referee to stop the fight.

Next up was the match between the ever flamboyant Taku Nishimura and Elorde's Lando Espinosa, Nishimura's entrance was no less electric than his entrance in URCC X , Taku worked the crowd into a frenzy with his dance number and antics. Espinosa remained unimpressed and cut a very stoic figure in the ring. The matched started and Nishimura rushed Espinosa with a flying kick, Espinosa connected with a right sending Nishimura flat on his back in just 2 seconds !
The crowd exploded into cheers which turned into jeers after referee Lepiten stopped the fight due to a KO - after a few minutes of heckling and prodding from the audience the KO Call was reversed ( as Nishimura was only stunned and was still in fighting form) and the fight was restarted - Nishimura then gained the upper hand and applied a Jjujigatame and won via submission.

In the Bantamweight division rising MMA star Magellan "bimbi" Perez cemented his class on the crowd with a very polished display of Jujitsu skills - a double leg takedown that transitioned smoothly into an arm-bar, Tony Donaire was the hapless victim this time around. It took Bimbi all of two minutes to dispose of Donaire who never really looked like he was in the fight. Perez is proving to be a fan-maker in the URCC, a credit to Elorde and to local MMA.

Hybrid Yaw-yan's Ryan Palinawan pulled off the biggest upset of the evening - knocking Marciano Basas out in the first round. Basas a local wrestling legend took a knee full on the chin
while shooting Palinawan - and just for good measure Palinawan followed up with a few hammer fists to make deadly sure that Basas would not get up. Basas remained on the canvas for a full minute and recovered in the corner after a long spell. Knock out number three of the evening.

Moving forward to the Flyweight title bout , newly crowned champion Lakay's Kevin Belingon, who defeated URCC legend Richard Lasprilla in URCC X, was stretched to the limit by Yaw-yan bet Roldan Cartajena, it was an explosive 5 minutes of full-exchange action till Belingon finally got the best of Cartajena and tapped him out.Belingon proved that he is a worthy title holder and not just a flash in the MMA pan.

In a much awaited comeback, Phil "the beast' Bryner was on his way to a victory over another beast" Earl Uy of Yaw Yan, when Uy called in the reserves, Uy clawed his way back into the fight after receiving a shellacking from Bryner in the first three minutes, and managed to mount Bryner in the second half of the first round. Uy then pummeled Bryner with ferocious shots to the head, Ref lepiten then saw it fit to stop the fight. No controversy here - Uy via RSC round one.

In another come back - Fritz"the mandrill" Rodriguez drilled the Iranian" Nightwolf" Jabarri with powerful knees to the face, causing a geyser of blood cascading from Jabarri's nose unto Rodriguez's face and painting the ring crimson. It was the bloodiest fight of the evening. The doctors had to be called in and it was suspected that Rodriguez broke Jabarri's nose. The octors stopped the fight in the middle of the first round. Rodriguez come back is now in full swing.

The much heralded "superfight" - a first in the URCC, lived up to all of the hype. The "boy Thunder" Frank "the crank" Camacho of trenchtech saipan, Caloy Baduria Local hero and all around tough guy were sheperd in BMW's to the event, they were treated like rock-stars at the gate complete with paparazzi and adoring fans.

The match was nothing but stellar. Baduria came out swinging and connecting with his patented body blows, at first Camacho looked like he could take Badurias shots, Caloy landed four solid blows to Camacho's mid section, then incredibly, Camacho started feeding Caloy knee strikes which got Baduria visibly shaken, and the "crank " turned up the heat and landed a few more shots to Badurias now swelling face - the 18 year old MMA phenom from Saipan looked like he was going to bring the house down with another KO on Philippine soil> But it wasnt to be , Baduria shook off the cob webs and in a furious exchange with Camacho, landed two solid punches to Camachos chin, Franks eyes were gone even before he slumped to the canvass. The Ref Stopped the fight and the crowd went berserk. Baduria and the URCC has gone Super Nova.

All in all -it was an incredible evening of action. The Superfight was a fitting exclamation point. URCC XI "Redemption"out did itself. Camacho versus Baduria was one of the most exciting fights ever witnessed in local MMA's short history. The evening was a huge victory for local MMA and for the URCC....

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